Search Engine Marketing (SEM) | PPC Company in Dubai,UAE

Utilizing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) for online advertising provides a solution to this predicament, effectively directing the focus of your prospective audience to your website.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) | PPC Company in Dubai,UAE

Managing an online business or maintaining a comprehensive online presence across diverse platforms often presents the challenge of reaching a broad audience with your content.

Building and expanding your online footprint to attract fresh organic traffic can prove to be as formidable as managing the business itself.

In such circumstances, leveraging paid online advertising through PPC offers a solution by effectively channeling the focus of your potential audience to your website.

How does Pay Per Click Ads work?

Within the Ad Auction system, PPC functions as advertisers compete to gain visibility by bidding on particular keywords that align with users’ likely search terms. Each time a user clicks on the ad, a nominal fee, known as Cost Per Click (CPC), is deducted from the advertiser’s budget.

Advantages of PPC Marketing

Some of the main advantages of Pay Per Click advertising are,

Targeted Audience

With PPC advertising, you have the ability to tailor your ads to specific audiences, taking into account factors such as keywords, interests, online history, and geographical locations.


You have the flexibility to manage your budget, determining the amount you wish to allocate for each click and the overall advertising campaign.

No dependency on SEO

In contrast to organic search results, PPC is not significantly dependent on SEO rankings or search engine algorithms.

Immediate Results

PPC delivers instant results, enabling you to monitor the actions prompted by your advertisement and facilitating prompt lead generation.


PPC offers comprehensive reports that empower you to assess the effectiveness of keywords, ads, and placements.

Brand Recognition

By focusing on keywords relevant to your industry, PPC can enhance brand visibility and establish authority within your field.

Potential Customers

PPC offers focused advertising, providing an effective means to efficiently reach your potential customers.

Our Best PPC services

Navigating the realm of search engine marketing as a newcomer can pose challenges in discerning the most suitable ad formats for your business and the strategies to generate optimal traffic. In this context, we elucidate the various categories of PPC ads available for your business and elucidate how our expertise can provide assistance.

Search ads

These represent the prevalent ad format that you encounter while conducting online searches. Whenever you explore the internet for information, you'll likely come across these ads. Sponsored websites are prominently positioned at the top and bottom of result pages. To signify their paid nature, these search ads are labeled with an "Ad" designation. These ads typically consist of text and accompanying links.

Display ads

Display ads are visible throughout various sections of websites. These ads are showcased on websites affiliated with Google. They can be tailored to reach individuals intrigued by your product or those who have explored comparable websites. Typically adorned with eye-catching visuals and captivating text, display ads are designed to seize the reader's interest.

Social ads

The realm of pay-per-click advertising has extended its reach to encompass prominent social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Paid promotions spanning these diverse social platforms collectively fall under the umbrella of social ads. Social ads prove exceptionally potent due to the fact that approximately 91% of social media users engage with them via mobile devices. This confers a significant advantage to advertisers, as individuals seeking services like "restaurants near me" on their mobile phones are more inclined to take immediate action compared to those conducting the same search via laptops or desktops.

Remarketing ads

Remarketing constitutes a valuable facet within the realm of PPC marketing. This technique empowers us to target individuals who have previously encountered our product. This audience segment comprises individuals with a vested interest in our product, event, or service. Skillful retargeting and remarketing efforts hold the potential to transform this receptive audience into customers.

Google shopping

Google Shopping ads constitute another variant of paid advertisements renowned for their efficacy in product marketing. These ads are presented in a carousel layout, providing a comprehensive glimpse of comparable products from diverse websites. Google Shopping ads serve as a virtual window-shopping avenue, enabling users to peruse various products, explore customer reviews, make comparisons, and ultimately select the most suitable option.

Gmail sponsored promotions

Gmail sponsored promotions offer a compelling avenue to showcase your business within an individual's inbox. These ads can be precisely directed toward a relevant audience and are customizable to suit their preferences.
Gmail promotional emails are prominently displayed at the top of inboxes on both mobile devices and desktop computers. These promotional ads are designated with an "Ad" label preceding the subject line. Personalized emails, thoughtfully formatted with an appealing subject line, tend to garner higher click and open rates. This approach serves as an effective means to attract new visitors to your website, presenting them with comprehensive information via the email medium.

Why Rankraze is the best PPC company

Rankraze, a leading PPC Company in Dubai, provides comprehensive digital marketing solutions tailored to diverse platforms. Our expertise includes crafting tailored ad campaigns for specific target audiences, focusing on competitive research, improved ROI, affordable costs, and conversion tracking. With a commitment to addressing client concerns, we offer services such as landing page creation, copyrighted ad creation, and continuous testing. Backed by years of experience, our Search Engine Marketing team efficiently caters to diverse requirements while adhering to budget constraints. We ensure judicious spending by avoiding ads with no ROI, guaranteeing immediate results and a significant boost in leads and conversions.
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